Little Scribbles Engraved Pandora / Chamilia / Troll Style Charm Bead


Special Requirements


Personalised Little scribbles Engraved Pandora / Chamilia / Troll Style Charm Beads can have a person’s own writing engraved on one or both sides and a name, DOB or word of your choice (subject to space) on the other side, if own writing is only on one side.
These gorgeous charms are available in a star shape or heart shape and will compliment any charm bracelet and the best part is they can be personalised and have that special little scribble etched into your charm, which makes them extra special and a keepsake that will last forever.

They are available in :

Small sterling silver heart (approx 9mm x 9mm)
Small sterling silver star (approx 9mm x 9mm)
Large sterling silver heart (approx 14mm x 14mm)

They have threading hole of approx. 6mm.
They are engraved using a font called babyscript. (when own writing is not used)

Ordering Instructions : Once you have purchased your charm please scan and email a copy of the writing you wish to be engraved onto your charm. Please also include your exact requirements. i.e shape of charm and if anything is required on the otherside. Please ensure all information is accurate, to ensure there is no delay in the processing of your charm.


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